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Animal Adventures Science Camp

Online Registration        Alaska's Learning Farm        Education 16yrs-19yrs

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Our summer camp programs are a collaboration between Follow the Child and Party Ponies and Friends. Bringing you the best of both worlds. Experts in Education and Experts with farming and ranching.

All Summer Camp Programs are taught by Mardena Williams. She is a certified teacher with an extensive history in Montessori.

You can book your camp experience by clicking the online registration link above, you can also visit Mardena's site directly at

Summer camp is located on Mardena Williams new farm located near the Alaska State Fair Grounds. The classroom is an original 1930s farm house and the farm its self was once part of the Matsu Dairy.

As the students interact daily with the animals they are learning, animal sciences, biology, anatomy, digestive systems, bone structures. We ask students questions throughout the day to get them involved and coming up with their own questions about the animals. Everything is hands on.

Taught by Certified Teachers
Located next to the Alaska State Fair Grounds in Palmer. *You will receive a Map in your registration confirmation*

Ages 4-19. Please refer to our Education Page for Opportunities for 16 and up.


Teachers follow the child. Our teachers believe in capturing the moment.

Too many teaching opportunities are lost because children are told not now, later, or you are not ready! Not at our camp!

Our lead teacher has taught for over 30 years and knows the importance of teaching what a child finds most interesting when their attention is focused on a particular concept. Lessons are structured so kids can ask questions and learn more than just what is in the lesson plan. If a child is learning about ruminant animals but wants to know its history too, they will get it with our teachers "follow the child" approach!

A Full week of camp includes lessons in Science,History,Geography, and horsemanship. If you wish to attend a single day please check the info tab for the day you would like to attend for a daily schedule of activities.

Activities Include:
Science Curriculum: Chemistry. Animal Sciences to include: Animal Husbandry, Biology, Anatomy and Skeletal structure. Earth Sciences to include Alaskan Minerals and Agriculture

Science Activities, and Projects: Making lotion and or soap, Use of microscopes to study fiber, minerals, farm insects, and agriculture. Studying the Science of Fiber and creating a wool project. Studying minerals and making stepping stones, clay and play dough. Life Cycle lesson with the use of both naturally nested chickens and ducks as well as incubated eggs.

Geography and History Curriculum: These curriculums are taught together as students explore the farm world around them and learn animals origins and history. Where did these farm critters come from what were they used for in history? Are just some of the questions answered thru student interaction with the farm environment.

Science, Geography, History Projects: Using minerals, and grains students create clay, and play dough and use the materials to create a habitat that demonstrates the lessons they learned in agriculture, geography and history related to farming and ranching.

Farm Activities: Horsmanship, Milking Goats, Shearing Sheep, Learning animal husbandry and how to feed, trim hooves and basic animal care. Collecting eggs, grain, seeds, feathers and other farm related materials for projects.

Additional Science and Art Activities: Using Minerals to make tooth paste, Using Alaskan grown barely and Oats to make bread. Using feathers, and egg shells in a variety of farm related art.

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Party Ponies and Friends
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Located next to the Fair Grounds in Palmer.


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